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This project is an online service that creates, configures and supports a next generation of DAO, which could be freely used by anyone without coding skills.
We believe that Decentralized Autonomous Organizations ("DAO") are a revolutionary change that will fundamentally affect how future corporations will look like and do business.
DAOs are booming, Snapshot Labs June 2022 statistics demonstrate an 8.8x increase in the number of DAOs in one year worldwide. We expect the DAO Tooling market to reach $10 billion over the next 5 -10 years.
At the same time, the DAO infrastructure, the means of creating and managing the DAO are lagging behind in their development: there are no solutions yet that could become the next workable "DAO standard" and ensure the rapid DAO deployment to the needs of various communities and businesses.
As part of the project, we are creating a workable open-code model of a new generation of DAO – JMC DAO – designed to invest in assets of the "real world”. A distinctive feature of this model in comparison with existing DAOs is the use of advanced efficient governance, which is similar to the one used in foundations. Most professional investors and corporate managers are familiar with it. The model also allows investors to actively participate in the management of a structure that they have transferred their funds to, and what they are deprived of in traditional investment funds.
The main goal and the next step in the development of the project is to create the "DAO Setup Wizard" — a platform that could be used by anyone who does not have enough knowledge in the field of coding.
The platform will enable users to create, configure and support DAOs of different types with various decision-making mechanisms, as well as provide additional functionality for client DAOs, including:
• create and support wallets of Platform users on a smart contract;
• use smart contracts to implement typical investment and commercial transactions with cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets involving escrow functionality between users of the Platform.
The Platform allows participation in generating income in the actively growing DAO Tooling market.
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